Financial Eligibility

We can only help you if you are living on a low income. However, we may be able to provide some summary advice even if your income is higher than our limits, so call us.

If your main source of income is one of the following, then you qualify financially for our service:

  • Ontario Works (OW)
  • Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)
  • Old Age Security Pension with Guaranteed Income Supplement
  • War Veterans’ Allowance
  • Canada Pension Plan (if a CPP application where CPP is the primary source of family income)
  • Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) which are temporary or threatened

Financial eligibility is mostly based on family size and family income. Eligibility also depends on the assets you own.

There are discretionary factors which are taken into consideration. For example, a single person with no children, with the maximum discretionary factors, could have an income up to $21,144 per year. A single parent with two children, with the maximum discretionary factors, could have a family income up to $39,143 per year.


All the services we provide are free. However, sometimes we have to pay for things needed to help with a case: for example, a doctor’s report or court filing fees. We do not have sufficient funding for these. We will ask clients to cover these costs. If clients are unable to do so, we may be able to pay the cost. If you can afford it, we will ask that you pay us back for those expenses when our work is complete.