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    WTCLS Objectives

    1. To maintain and operate a community legal clinic within and for the benefit of the community in the western section of the City of Toronto in the Province of Ontario. (For these purposes, the western part of the City of Toronto.

    2. To provide, through its staff, and without charge, legal services to members of the community who do not have sufficient income or assets to enable them to afford the services of independent legal counsel.

    3. The provide information to the community of the availability of such services and to encourage the lower income population, through education, training and advice, to actively participate in dealing with problems associated with poverty and social justice as related to the law.

    4. To advocate for law reform where it considers that the present laws do not adequately serve the interests of the under-represented members of the community.

    Membership Declaration

    Having read the statement above, I declare that I support the objects of the organization.